Friday, March 16, 2012

While undergoing our annual
“Spring Cleaning” and making room for new projects we stumbled on a
treasure chest of archived articles written by Raoul
Andrews Sudre and published through his
lengthy career. We noticed countless articles that have shaped many award
winning spas, forecasted trends we have watched occur and visions yet to
manifest. What is awe inspiring is the articles are still highly relevant to
new comers and more so to those who discounted these trends. There are articles
on design, holistic approaches (before anyone really knew what the word meant),
Wellness not Spa, Spa cuisine, Spas for
Children and many more edgy subjects that executives still shy away from but
definitely STILL need to hear. These articles provide countless tips that have
been implemented and in most cases proven to be financially beneficial in the
long term.

We are doing our best to
pick only ten articles (which is difficult
given the many articles published). We have selected articles that display the visionary
innovations, Raoul Andrews Sudre has brought
to our industry for over 50 years and is still bringing. His articles are in
your face, poignant and they do not sugar coat
what we need to hear as industry professionals. He speaks of service standards,
common mistakes that bridge into the areas of the hotelier as well as small
business owners.

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