Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hotel Spa Management, Spa Management 2001

Our series has highlighted numerous trends Raoul spotted long before the masses caught up. In this article “Hotel Spa Management” published 2001, Raoul Andrews Sudre, Senior Advisor to Aspen Spa Management reinforces messages which he was sharing emphatically then and is still to this day with each new project meeting.

Fitness and spa do not go together.

The separation of the two offers revenue improvement and guest satisfaction aside from other benefits. This is proven in an additional article printed in November of 2002 by Spa Management, written and conducted by Raoul, titled “Resort Spas”. In the article the results of a survey which completed by spa clients from 4 and 5 star resorts in 5 states reflect the same; 96% of the replies requested the fitness activity to be completely physically separated. With many renovations forecasted by the Hotel industry business reports, it is hopeful information such as this is taken into consideration before many errors in judgement continue.