Monday, March 19, 2012

The Sense of Balance, 1999

In July of 1999, Skin Inc. published this comprehensive and visionary article written by Raoul Andrews Sudre, Aspen Spa Management’s Senior Advisor. This article spoke of spa themes utilizing the six senses, Feng Shui philosophies and creating ambiance at a time when many salons were adding a room in the back for massage or facials and calling their salon a “spa”. This article gives great insight into achieving a higher level of sophistication in design while incorporating not just the physical attributes of the spa experience but all the sensory ones as well. What is impressive about this article written in ‘99 is it speaks of a holistic approach of personalization and customizing the spa experience; a very necessary trend that the industry appears to have overlooked as a whole. With “chain” experiences moving into the spa environment creating a cookie cutter approach, this article may be more relevant now more than ever.

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