Monday, May 7, 2012

Education Inadequacies Affecting the Spa Inustry, 2002

Our Senior Advisor, Raoul Andrews Sudre hit the proverbial nail on the head yet again with this week’s article which highlights a continued challenge in the industry ten years later, education. In October, 2002 he exposed the weaknesses in the massage schools by going directly to the source, massage school owners. The statistics quoted in this article discuss the explosion of the number of spas growing from less than 2K to more than 11K from 1997 to 2002. Given this leap ten years ago and the continuing proliferation of “chain” spas it is no wonder there is still a lack of unity in education within a national context, too much growth too fast! His insight ten years ago continues to be relevant and while this article offers no clear solution what is clear is little to nothing has changed. Our education in the states is still minimal at best with no change in sight. Perhaps this will spark the desire to open this dialogue once again.

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